The "IKI-BA" is a free and unrestrained space for independent and autonomous adult. Here, we continuously propose new opportunities to stimulate your inquisitiveness toward food and intelligence.
The "IKI-BA" is the place where various people learn and talk about many things. At the ground floor, you can enjoy a supreme pleasure of food, drinks, and spirits that are carefully selected from various parts of Japan. The first floor is a library consisted of items and matters where you can experience and learn about typical Japanese culture so-called "IKI".


1F Kitchen

There are four types of bars and you can enjoy especially selected fine food and drinks. You are able to spare a plenty of time at your favorite bar where you can relax and have food, or tour around bars and feel the difference of taste and atmosphere. We are sure you will be able to find new discoveries and enjoyment.

"Rice Bar"

Our catchphrase is "Rice People Nice People". We serve "Onigiri", a rice ball, made from steaming rice. Rice is from the Kayamori Farm in Niigata Prefecture where it is famous for producing rice with supreme quality. Moreover, special technique to make an Onigiri developed by the Kayamori Farm is offered. It is a special way to hold rice firmly in the palm of the hand and squeezing it, different from ordinary ways. Especially chosen Japanese pickles and Miso Soup or soybean soup comes with the delicious "Onigiri". "Onigiri" goes quite well with Japanese pickles and miso soup. We place special emphasis on "Mochi" i.e. rice cakes, too.

"Sake Bar"

"Sake" is a Japanese rice wine and served at this bar. Not only is our "Sake" mainly supplied by the prestigious Kikusui Brewing but also we have gathered "Sake" from all over Japan especially focusing on unknown breweries with delicious taste and flavor for you. The Kikusui Brewing was found in 1881 in Niigata Prefecture and very prestigious for producing supreme quality of "Sake" and related alcoholic beverages. Various kind of Hor d'oeuvre, specialties of each region, are served along with "Sake". "Sake" will be served with Gyokusendo's "Tsuiki" which is a sake-ware made from a hand-hammered copper-ware. Gyokusendo is another prestigious Niigata Prefecture firm found in the latter part of Edo Era and was awarded as an "Intangible Cultural Properties of Japan", and a "Living National Treasures of Japan".

"Smoke Bar"

Salad with organic vegetables and delicious bread are served here. Especially chosen alcoholic beverages are also served here. For instance, we serve imported whiskies and wines, Echigo Beer and Swan-lake Beer from Japanese brewery, and The Hakushu single malt whisky and soda.

"The Challenge Kitchen"

The kitchen is open to anyone or any team of people who is willing to tackle with new organizational concept or business. Mr. Teiji Nakamura, President and CEO of the Kagen Co. Ltd. and Dean of The Schooling-Pad, is supporting and responsible for the kitchen. It is a great opportunity for you to experience your favorite food candidates of the future.


1F Garden

Please enjoy food from various catering vehicles. You can also bring here your food purchased from the Kitchen. Please try our recommendation, the Aloha Curried Rice. There is a symbol tree of the "IKI-BA" called "Regenerated Tree" which is in the center of the garden where you feel pleasant, cheerful, and relaxed in the breeze.

"Regenerated Tree"

During the course of urban development, a camphor tree was cut down. Later, the camphor tree sprouted tiny buds from its stump and now it has grown to be the symbol tree of the "IKI-BA".

2F Library

The first floor is a salon or a drawing room. "IKI" is the word considered to be the root of Japanese culture. In order to pursue what "IKI" is, beyond old and new, and beyond the boundaries of Japan and West, the place is provided with chosen items and matters related to "IKI". It is functioned to pursue and understand what "Iki" is, for those adults, young and elderly men and women, with strong intellectual curiosity to discuss and learn with each other. A full-time concierge, or in another word, assistant will be able to help you support your research.


We have many old books, rare books, and classic books from domestic and abroad regarding Japanese culture and "IKI".

"Conference and Party"

The premises can be rented for conferences and parties. Please ask for charges by calling 03-6447-2457.

"Seminars and Workshops"

We hold a small scale of recitations, lectures, and seminars periodically. Core emphasis is on studies regarding Japan and adulthood, and the opportunity offered to those quests for the "IKI", which the word is considered to be the root of Japanese culture, is the "-SUIJIN-KAIGI". This is a conference for the people with the "IKI" spirit or those willing to search for it. "Freedom University", meaning a freedom college, is also offered to learn and study about how to live like yourself. You are welcome to bring in your own plans and projects for recitations, lectures, and seminars.

"Display of cigars and pipes"

We display various types of cigars and pipes including accessories and related merchandises.



Address: 3-21-17 Jingumae, Shibuya-Ku, Tokyo
Tel: +81(0)3-6447-2457 / FAX: +81(0)3-6447-2458

Business hours: 11:30 to 23:00
Last order: 22:30
Closed on Mondays

  • Please use the vending machine to purchase food and drinks.
  • The place is run on a self-service basis with the exception of bars.
  • There is no car park.
  • Please do not disturb neighborhood by making big sound and noise.
  • The place is not an open space to the public with no charges. You are requested to purchase food and drinks while using the facility.
Producing the Total Planning: Teruo Kurosaki (OFFICE OF TERUO KUROSAKI)
Operation for Business Development and Management: Hirokatsu Morohashi (Flowstone Co.,Ltd.)
Construction Plan and Management: Management Tsukasa Horinouchi (Flowstone Co.,Ltd.)
Graphic Design: Kaoru Watanabe (Kaoru Watanabe Inc.)
General Manager: Hirokatsu Morohashi (Flowstone Co.,Ltd.)
Public Relations: Erika Kurosaki (SMOKE Co.,Ltd.)
Chef: Ryosuke Tsukamoto / Mayumi Asari
Staff Members: Hiromichi Tanioka / Yoshitane Nishioka

Hikaru Kamachi (SUIJIN-KAIGI) , Kaoru Watanabe (SUIJIN-KAIGI) , Hozu Yamamoto (SUIJIN-KAIGI) , Teiji Nakamura (SUIJIN-KAIGI) ,
Tatsuya Imai (SUIJIN-KAIGI)